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TVRain editor-in-chief says Russia’s leadership should apologize to Armenia for family murder committed by Russian soldier

19.01.2015   13:03
  • by Karina Manukyan

    Ilya Klishin, the editor-in-chief for TVRain’s website, has left a Facebook post wherein he says that Russia’s leadership should apologize to Armenia for the family murder committed by a Russian soldier in the town of Gyumri.  

    “Please, could anyone tell me why it is so hard for our country, Russia, to apologize. Is it shameful to apologize? I do not mean to beat breast or drop on knees. I am speaking about the ability to look into someone’s eyes and apologize. This is how a man must behave. Neither the president not the prime minister has apologized to the Armenian people for the family massacre in Gyumri. While, they should have done it already!” Klishin writes. “Armenians, please, forgive, if you can!” 

    The Avetisians – two grandparents, their son and daughter, a daughter- in-law, and little girl – were shot dead on 12 January by Valery Permyakov, a soldier serving at Moscow’s 102nd military base in Gyumri. A six-month-old boy, Seryozha – in critical condition after suffering stab wounds – is the only survivor.  Permyakov has admitted to the murder. 



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