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Armen Martirosyan: Permyakov can and must be transferred to Armenian law-enforcement

19.01.2015   12:40
  • by Nana Martirosyan

All the demands over the transfer of Russian serviceman Valery Permyakov, the suspect of the murder of the Armenian family in Gyumri, to the Armenian law-enforcement structures should be addressed to the authorities of Armenia, Armen Martirosyan, Deputy Head of Heritage Party, said at a press conference in Yerevan. 

He thinks it unacceptable that the country’s authorities are instigating the displeased people to storm the Russian Consulate to shift the responsibility for the situation to the Russian officials. “We should direct our demands to the authorities of Armenia, first of all, to the President, who has been silent since January 13, to the Foreign Ministry, to the Prime Minister, because their posts oblige them to protect the rights of the country’s citizens”, he said. 

Martirosyan also thinks that the further behavior of the Russian side depends on the actions of the Armenian side. “The international agreements have supremacy over the countries’ laws, so, according to Provisions 4 and 5 of the Agreement on deployment of the 102nd Russian military base in Armenia, Permyakov can and must be transferred to the Armenian side.  All the obstacles are artificial”, he said. 

To recall, a family of six was murdered in Gyumri on January 12. The suspect, Russian serviceman Valery Permyakov, is still in the territory of the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri. The residents of Gyumri are holding actions of protest and demand transferring Permyakov to the Armenian law-enforcers. 


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