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Armenia introduces new method for calculating number of tourists more accurately

11.01.2018   17:52

A new methodology is proposed for accurately calculating the number of tourists visiting Armenia, their citizenship, age and other additional information.

Mekhak Apresyan – first vice president of the State Tourism Committee, gave an interview to Armenpress, talking about the draft decision of the government on ‘Actions to improve tourism statistics methodology in the Republic of Armenia’.  

“The tourism statistics in Armenia currently is being done in accordance with the methodology of the UN World Tourism Organization and our current law. We propose to apply Frontier Electronic Management Information System. With the help of a computer program, as well as the cooperation with the concerned public administration authorities we will have a more improved statistical system on the number of incoming and outgoing tourist visits to Armenia by more than 95% accuracy”, he said, adding that, in addition to the number of tourists, accurate information will also provided about their citizenship, age, gender and double visits.

The system scans and registers the passports of all persons who passed the border.

Mekhak Apresyan said by the current methodology a statistical research of international visits is being conducted, surveys are being held at all border check points, and based on this it is determined what percentage of visitors comprise the tourists. “However, the results based on the research are not so accurate. We will get the number of tourists by 95% accuracy thanks to this new method. However, this new system will not allow to check from where the tourists are coming, but, this will be clarified by the research results”, Apresyan said.

Having accurate information about tourists is a very important point for the development and implementation of the state policy. Conducting right statistics will contribute to assessing the tourism impact on Armenia’s economy for the benefit of stable territorial economic development, increase of national income and living standards of the people in Armenia.

At the moment the draft is at the stage of public discussion. Apresyan said the leadership attaches importance to the system and it is under the President’s control. The draft is submitted at edraf.am in order to know the public opinion. Later also taking into account the proposals it will be submitted for discussion. The method is expected to be tested in 2018.

The functions of receiving accurate statistical information will be conducted by the National Statistical Service, and the ministry of economic development and investments will provide with the server of necessary capacity and computer program.

Anna Grigoryan

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