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Karas Wines to present new and unique type of wine to the world

14.09.2017   12:19

     ‘Tierras de Armenia’ company’s Karas brand new wine will be included in the list of the world’s wines of the highest value by presenting the best traditions of Armenian winemaking to the world.

     On September 13 the presentation of the company’s new wine ‘Grand Karas-2013’ was held which was attended by high-ranking officials, representatives of diplomatic structures accredited in Armenia, as well as other honorary guests. The event was also attended by defense minister Vigen Sargsyan, justice minister Davit Harutyunyan, Russia’s Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volynkin.

     Juliana Del Aguila Eurnekian – Director at Karas Wines, told Armenpress that they are presenting a new wine which will definitely contribute to increasing the recognition of the Armenian wine in the world market. “Our family is very happy to launch this work in Armenia. I help my family in this work with great pleasure and manage the wine production of Karas brand. For us this is a very important work since we want to contribute to Armenia’s economic development by boosting winemaking”, he said.

     Juliana Del Aguila Eurnekian is confident that winemaking has great development potential in Armenia, and the Armenian wines can have their unique place in global markets. “Winemaking in Armenia has a history of more than 6.000 years which is a perfect opportunity for Armenia to become a leading country in winemaking. I am convinced that we will achieve that result in several years”, the Director said.

     She added that her uncle ethnic Armenian philanthropist Eduardo Eurnekian always says he wants to contribute to Armenia’s economic development with all possible means. “Today we are very happy that we present our new wine which we are going to export throughout the world by presenting our history. This wine is the result of our work of 10 years. By this we are planning to put a new beginning of the progress of Armenian winemaking. It is also a result of over 500 persons’ long-lasting work, and we thank all of them for their work”, Juliana Del Aguila Eurnekian said.

     Armenian justice minister Davit Harutyunyan told Armenpress that Armenia has great potential for winemaking development. According to him, the Armenian wine is unique: “I think winemaking should develop in Armenia since the Armenian wine is the result of our perfect fruits. What Karas today presents is also a result of that fruit. If this result continues, I believe that the Armenian wine will find its unique place in the world market, and Armenia will become a leading and famous country in the field of winemaking”, the justice minister said, adding that the years of Karas activity inspire trust.

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