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2017 foreign direct investment flows to Armenia recorded from Germany, UK

06.09.2017   11:54

During January-June of 2017, the volume of net flows of overall foreign investments in the Armenian economy amounted 51,2 million dollars – from which 35,6 million dollars is the volume of foreign direct investments.

Net flows of foreign investments were mainly recorded from Jersey (65,3 million USD), Cyprus (13,7 million USD), UAE (1,1 million USD) and Cuba (729 thousand USD). At the same time, major foreign direct investments were recorded from Germany (15,7 million USD) and the UK (3,4 million USD).

The abovementioned net flows were mostly directed to the following branches of the economy: mining (36 million USD), real estate (7,9 million USD), water supply, wastewater and waste management (7 million USD) and accommodation (2,5 million USD).

At the same time, net flows of foreign direct investments were recorded in the retail and wholesale trade sector (3.2 million dollars).


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