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Is There A Such Thing As “Too Much”? By ARVIN DEMERJIAN

30.08.2018   16:44

“NOR OR”, LOS ANGELES Sometimes we all get a little too overly ambitious at some point in our lives; I know I do. I get myself excited for things, and I really want to take part in it, and I dive right in. I usually don’t realize that I should have gotten my feet wet first until it’s too late, which leaves me feeling overwhelmed. This doesn’t only apply to activities, but even when I go shopping and I see a simple home décor item, I have this habit of saying “I can make that.”

During my downtime, I like to scroll through Pinterest looking at interior design inspirations, and this summer, my sister and I decided to redecorate our reading space in our house. We found some designs that we really liked, and they were pretty simple looking, so we got working. I spent days clearing off our old bookshelf, taking the unwanted books to the local library, throwing old items away, donating things that were still in good condition, and it felt good to finally declutter that room. My sister and I then went and bought a new bookshelf, put it together, organized the books we decided to keep, situated my art supplies on it too, but now we have a bit of a dilemma. We not only got rid of a bookshelf that was twice as large as the new one, but we also got rid of another wall unit and a desk, leaving us with a whole bunch of things on the floor that we don’t know what to do with. All summer went by, and all we did was make one corner of the room nice and organized, but the rest looks like a tornado hit. This task seemed a lot easier at first, and we jumped right in without realizing all the work that would have to be put in. We’re now left with an unfinished room, and no time left to work on it.

I find myself in this situation a lot more than I thought, where I start something, but then can’t seem to finish it, and if I do, I’m almost never happy with the end product. I always criticize buffets for having so many food options, but it’s all just average; I don’t think I have been to a buffet where all the food was beyond amazing. We are just like buffets; we can’t be amazing at everything, even though we want to, and sometimes we need to realize that. It’s good to broaden your horizons and gain a variety of skills, but there comes a point where we need to know where our boundaries are, and start improving the skills we already have instead of trying to add more skills to our resumé. Instead of becoming overly ambitious, focus on a few skills you know you’re good at, and get even better in those areas. It’s all about quality, and not quantity.

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