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Tribute to Michael Assatryan Marseille

15.01.2015   11:04
Marseille, Tuesday, January 13, 19:30 Apostolic Church Prado

Many people, hundreds of people to pay tribute to Michael, 16 and a half, cowardly and brutal massacre on January 12 at the exit of his school, by a pack of barbarians.


The cathedral suddenly become too small, could not contain all the anonymous respondents to this tribute, including some teachers of the young man and their colleagues, a representative of parents and classmates and his many friends .

(JPEG)Michael was very popular in his establishment and in the classroom because of his human qualities, his sense of friendship, its seriousness: he was one of the best students in his class in the words of his teachers collapsed by his brutal and cruel disappearance.

Politicians and representatives of Armenian associations first.

Many faces in tears in the assembly. The packed crowd was even larger on the outside, tamping is on the square and sidewalks.

Priests, many also officiated in a particularly poignant silence.

A final tribute was said in French and Armenian by a scout – Micha was part of the Scouts of the Church apostolique- recalling the recent French tragedies, the Republican running Sunday with the values associated with it and the importance of the fight against all racism including recently affecting our community.


“We were all Charlie yesterday, tonight we are all Michael” emotional slogan which completed this tribute to a young man born in France and waiting impatiently to obtain French citizenship in 2015. He has not had the time to know the joy …

The whole community is sad and angry. Rest in peace Michael.

Never again!


A white march will be organized on Saturday, January 17th at 14:30 to Mobile reformed Canebière. Bring a white scarf and a placard “I’m Michael.”

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