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Some forces and countries inflame the conflict: Armenian PM on Turkey’s aspirations

28.07.2020   19:26

In an interview to the Russian RBK, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan didn’t rule out the possibility of large-scale war in the background of the recent escalation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, because, according to him, there are some forces and countries which inflame the conflict.

Asked which countries the talk is about, the Armenian PM firstly mentioned Turkey.        

“There are ongoing interests and historical causes for that because Turkey has not refused from the policy of the genocide of Armenians. Turkey’s President not only does not recognize the Armenian Genocide, which took place in 1915 in the Ottoman Empire, but also justifies it”, the Armenian PM said.

Pashinyan said that there is also another factor for Turkey’s such behavior.

“Turkey, as at the beginning of the past century, has a dream to control the South Caucasus. And within 30 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union they are working every day to implement their dream and goal”, he said.

Pashinyan said first of all Russia understands what geopolitical developments this can have.

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