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Serzh Sargsyan to be summoned to parliamentary committee investigating 2016 April War

07.04.2020   20:35

Former President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan’s Office has said that he will make an appearance at the parliamentary ad hoc committee session investigating the 2016 April War on April 16th, at 14:00.

“Although it is perplexing that the parliamentary committee has decided to hold a session amid the situation which is created as a result of the pandemic, even if the government were to extend the state of emergency the Third President of Armenia is ready to visit the committee on April 16th, at 14:00”, Sargsyan’s Office said.


Sargsyan’s Office said that “he doesn’t have any problems in presenting details” of the April War to the committee.

The ex-president’s office has asked the parliamentary committee to clarify whether or not the session will be recorded, stenographed and archived. Sargsyan has asked the committee to ensure a recording opportunity and provide him with a copy of it.


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