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Coronavirus spread rate declines in Armenia

06.04.2020   21:30

The rate of doubling the number of coronavirus infected persons has declined in Armenia, ARMENPRESS reports Health Minister of Armenia Arsen Torosyan said in a Facebook Live.

‘’If we view by daily percentage point rise, we have recorded 4.6%, 6.8% and 1.3% rise in the past 3 days. The number of infected persons now doubles in every 8 days, before it was 7 days. Our task is to maximally drop this pace’’, the Minister said.

As of April 6, 11:00, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Armenia is 833. 8 people have died. The total number of recoveries is 62.

On March 16 Armenia declared a 30-day state of emergency to battle the spread of COVID-19. The state of emergency is effective until April 14, 17:00.

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