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Artsakh goes to second round to elect president

01.04.2020   20:58

 Artsakh’s presidential election are set to go for a second round as the March 31 polls saw none of the candidates garnering more than 50% of votes, the country’s election board announced while presenting the preliminary results.

Artsakh Central Electoral Commission Chairperson Srbuhi Arzumanyan said the second round of elections will take place on April 14th.

The turnout was 72,7%.

Arayik Harutyunyan, a former Cabinet minister and the leader of the Free Fatherland Party, garnered most of the votes – 36076 votes or 49,26%. Incumbent foreign minister Masis Mayilyan garnered 26,4% of votes. The third most popular candidate in the polls was Vitaly Balasanyan with 14,7%. The other candidates gained little votes.

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