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Champions should become role models for youth – PM Pashinyan

21.02.2020   22:03

 The development of sports has a strategic meaning for Armenia, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the awarding ceremony of the top 10 athletes of the year at the Presidential Palace, adding that the practical works on this direction are launched.

“Currently we are developing Armenia’s development strategy by 2050. Our state goal is to have at least 25 Olympic gold medals before 2050. This bar seems very high to many, but this is not disappointing us, but quite the contrary, is encouraging because in order to be a champion there is a very important precondition, that is to be inclined to do not what is possible, but what is impossible”, Pashinyan said, highlighting the development of great sport in this respect. He stated that they should be able to raise the trust of every citizen of Armenia and Artsakh towards their own powers.

“We have a political decision to firmly stand by the sport, the athletes, to do the maximum for the development of sport in Armenia. The role of sports is important for changing the value system of generations. Unfortunately, the criminal culture leaves major impact within the youth, I see the role of our champions to serve as exemplary figures for the youth, inspire trust towards their own strengths and show how diligence, the ability to work with the team can help to achieve highest results”, the PM said.

In this context Pashinyan highlighted the development of sport infrastructures, promotion of coaches. He said the government has purchased a huge amount of equipment for sport schools.

“We expect that Armenia’s sports community and government will become allies, partners in implementing the country’s development strategic vision. The government will do everything within its powers for you to feel the state support. Thank you for your dedication and achievements”, he said.

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