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Armenia heightens border screenings as neighboring Iran reports more novel coronavirus cases

21.02.2020   22:01

Armenia hasn’t recorded any novel coronavirus (Covid-2019) cases so far, Healthcare Minister Arsen Torosyan said on social media as cases of the disease appear to be increasing in neighboring Iran.

He said the Armenian healthcare ministry is following the global situation of the outbreak. “We are also aware of the specificities of the passenger flow from Iran to our country, including the upcoming Nowruz. As additional counter-measures the screening of arriving passengers at the Meghri Border Crossing Point and of those arriving by air from Iran has been increased. In the event of suspected cases monitoring is carried out across Armenia. I am informing that so far no novel coronavirus cases have been recorded in Armenia,” Torosyan said.

According to latest data there are 18 confirmed cases of Covid-2019 in Iran. 4 people have died.

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