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Pashinyan chairs consultation on police reforms

24.01.2020   20:57

Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan today held a consultation discussing the agenda and vision of the Police reforms, the PM’s Office told Armenpress.

Touching upon the topic, the PM said in particular: “In general, from the very first day of the formation of our government the Police reforms have been in our agenda, and I think this is one of our key issues. We should record that after the 2018 peaceful, velvet and democratic revolution in Armenia the Police, overall, have fulfilled its tasks and continue fulfilling them, but we all admit that we need a new Police in these new political and public realities. In general, the key goal of this process should be the establishment of a new police-citizen relationship.

During this period we had various discussions, considered different models, but overall our conclusion is the following that both in the Police case and other cases we should refrain from sectional steps and make all our actions of strategic nature”, the PM said, adding that all actions and changes should be of strategic nature. “What do I mean by saying strategic changes? In any sphere where we make a change, even a smallest one, we should take into account that that change has a certain field of mutual effects. And while discussing the change we need to consider this field of mutual effects, not that particular change in its point, and then to make respective decisions. And in this sense I do believe and hope that the Police reforms will be one of our most successful examples”.

The consultation touched upon the main directions of the Police reforms, the process of strategy development works and its implementation. The discussion, in particular, focused on the structural changes of the Police, the new content of personnel policy, technical upgrading, introduction of new educational programs, professional preparedness, etc.

The PM tasked the responsible officials to complete the development of the reforms strategy as soon as possible and submit for discussion.

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