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Pashinyan questioned as witness and victim in 2018 wiretapping case, authorities say

15.01.2020   21:58

PM Nikol Pashinyan was questioned today by investigators as a witness in the criminal investigation into the 2018 wiretapping of his phone conversation with then-NSS Director Artur Vanetsyan as well as the latter’s phone conversation with SIS Director Sasun Khachatryan.

The conversations were leaked online earlier in 2018.

The PM was questioned as part of the probe into alleged misconduct by all parties involved. The investigation is also determining whether or not there was any obstruction of justice against the judges who examined the arrest motions of former President Robert Kocharyan and former military official Yuri Khachaturov.

PM Pashinyan has been questioned at the Investigations Committee as a witness in the criminal case to determine the circumstances of possible in interferences on courts, Investigations Committee spokesperson Naira Harutyunyan said.

A separate investigation on the illegal wiretapping and leak of the phone calls is also in process. Pashinyan has been questioned for this case also, but as a victim.

The two questioning sessions lasted 2 hours and 35 minutes.  

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