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Minister asks National Academy of Sciences to give opinion on completeness of EIA of Amulsar mine

04.09.2019   22:48

National Academy of Sciences of Armenia issued a statement over the Amulsar Project, the Academy told Armenpress.

In the statement the Academy informs that it has received an official letter from Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan on September 3 where he asks to instruct the Institute of Chemical Physics after A. Nalbandyan to give an opinion on the completeness of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Amulsar mine in one day. Meanwhile, the ministry should present its final opinion on the Amulsar Project on September 4.

“We announced that it’s impossible to give a complete assessment to the Amulsar project within the aforementioned timeframe, given the large scale of documents and broad circles of problems over the project”, the Academy said in the statement, adding that it is ready to give a scientific assessment to the documents of the Project within a reasonable timeframe.

On August 19th, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that the Government intends to allow Lydian International to continue the Amulsar project. The decision was based on the conclusion of an environmental audit conducted by ELARD. Pashinyan emphasized that the project will be operated strictly in adherence to high environmental standards.

But on August 21 the PM requested the Ministry of Environment to study the conclusion and determine whether or not another Environmental Impact Assessment is required before a final decision is made.

The Ministry of Environment will issue a conclusion until September 4th.

The Amulsar Project is a gold mining project by Lydian Armenia, the Armenian subsidiary of Lydian International.

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