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Healthcare Minister has no evidence that Amulsar risks will impact population’s health

20.08.2019   22:44

Minister of Healthcare of Armenia Arsen Torosyan says he doesn’t have any evidence that the environmental risks of the Amulsar gold mine’s operation can impact the population’s health.

He told reporters that if such evidence would appear they will take immediate actions to eliminate or mitigate the impacts.

‘The ministry participated in the audit and the investigative processes. We have also studied the final conclusion, on which we have our summarized notice-opinion: In terms of the Jermuk thermal waters – there is no link, in terms of Lake Sevan – there is no danger, in terms of air pollution the possible risk can be during active construction, but it so far away from settlements that it won’t impact the population,” Torosyan said.

On August 19th, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan announced that the Government intends to allow Lydian International to continue the Amulsar project. The decision was based on the conclusion of an environmental audit. Pashinyan emphasized that the project will be operated strictly in adherence to high environmental standards.

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