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Armenia is Russia’s key partner in South Caucasus – Lavrov

18.07.2019   00:46

Armenia is Russia’s key partner in the South Caucasus, ARMENPRESS reports Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told “Argumenti I Fakti”, commenting on the developments in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine.

He said that definitely Russia is not indifferent towards the political processes taking place in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia, since they are fraternal peoples with a long history of relations, as well as living in one country.

“Unfortunately, following the collapse of the USSR the West believes that the end of history has come and now thinks it has the right to grossly interfere in the affairs of this or that state, to control the internal political processes. I can mention Ukraine as an example of such an interference”, Lavrov said.

The Russian FM thinks that the situation in Armenia is different.

“This country is Russia’s key partner in South Caucasus with which Russia has strategic and allied relations. We have intensive political dialogue, parliamentary cooperation, as well as cooperation on the international arena. Russia is Armenia’s leading economic partner, while educational, cultural, investment and military-technical relations dynamically develop”, Lavrov said.

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