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Ombudsman releases details from recent visit to 2nd President Kocharyan

15.07.2019   22:55

Human Rights Defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan recently visited 2nd President Robert Kocharyan who is remanded into custody. Tatoyan said Kocharyan didn’t complain from the detention conditions.

“The case of 2nd President Robert Kocharyan and all issues, in general, relating to the 2008 March 1 events are under my spotlight. This is one of the most relevant issues in Armenia. I visited Kocharyan few days ago, based on the concerns of his attorneys relating to the detention conditions. Now my task relates to the issues connected with the detention conditions. There was no complaint regarding the detention conditions, the situation is the same”, the Ombudsman told reporters in the Parliament.

As for the court examination of the case, the Ombudsman said he has no right to intervene in the court hearing or give assessments.

Arman Tatotyan said he is aware of the concerns of the attorneys relating to the actions of concrete judges. “But I cannot present stance on this yet, because it relates to the powers of a judge dealing with the case”, he said.

2nd President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan was released from pre-trial detention on May 18, but on June 25, according to the decision of the Appeals Court, he was again arrested.

Kocharyan, along with several other former officials, is charged with “overthrowing Constitutional Order” during the 2008 March protests in Yerevan.

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