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There will be no political trading in any sphere – PM Pashinyan

13.06.2019   23:32

PM Pashinyan announces that there will be no unreasonable compromises in any sphere.

“Was the task to become the Prime Minister? I am sorry but I will assess it insulting for me and those citizens who elected me Prime Minister of Armenia. I am not going to get used to any reality that came from the past”, the PM said, emphasizing that there will be no unreasonable compromises in any sphere, ARMENPRESS reports the Prime Minister told Shant News in an interview.

PM Pashinyan referred to the rumors that the Armenian Government is influences by foreign forces. He underlines that if it’s true, the Government, the Prime Minister have no right to act under the Armenian flag even for a second.

“The Armenian citizen sitting in his house in a far away village in front of TV hears that the Government is in conspiracy agreement with foreign forces. How can he conclude if that announcement was right or wrong? This is a very important issue, because if it is really so… for example, if I am in conspiracy agreement with any foreign force I have to be taken to court.  Should I bring to court (those who makes such announcements-edit)? There have been such attempts, but he starts another problem “You are suppressing freedom of speech, you pursue political opponents, so was this you’re your revolution of love and solidarity?” This is a deeper problem”, Nikol Pashinyan said.

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