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Legislatively filtering incumbent judiciary is top function of transitional justice, says Speaker

25.05.2019   00:16

 Speaker of Parliament Ararat Mirzoyan says the most important function of transitional justice is to filter and cleanse the current judicial system through legislative ways.

The Speaker made the remarks during parliamentary hearings on transitional justice in Armenia.

“We’ve had numerous discussions with expert circles and international experts to understand a number of issues that concern transitional justice. Nevertheless, there is need to reach the answers to these questions through united, inclusive and broader public discussions. There are decisions which we must take together through this and other kind of hearings and discussions,” he said.

He said first of all they should understand why transitional justice is necessary to be applied.

“For the beginning we must understand why the current judiciary cannot meet the Armenian citizens’ demands: serve fair and independence justice, and why we should take transitional justice tools. It’s not a secret for anyone that the judiciary has most serious problems that have been accumulated during years. Transitional justice must through a legislative way filter and cleanse the incumbent judicial system,” the Speaker said.

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