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EU ready to provide technical and financial support to Armenia for implementing judicial reforms

23.05.2019   23:42

The EU Delegation and EU Member States resident in Armenia consider that a comprehensive and far-reaching judicial reform based on a high-quality, whole-of-sector reform strategy, is vital for Armenia’s democratic future, ARMENPRESS reports reads the statement by the EU Delegation and EU Member States Embassies resident in Armenia  over the reforms in the judicial system of Armenia.

“We welcome the unequivocal commitment by the Armenian Government to pursue justice reform in accordance with the Armenian Constitution and Armenia’s international commitments, in particular those stemming from its membership in the Council of Europe and in consultation with civil society and international experts, including the Venice Commission. The independence and impartiality of the judiciary is a fundamental pillar of the constitutional order and the rule of law. In line with our mutual commitments under CEPA and as part of a policy dialogue to support Armenia in designing a new Justice Strategy, the EU stands ready to provide technical and financial assistance. We look forward to an independent, efficient and accountable judiciary being put in place in Armenia for the benefit of its citizens”, reads the statement.

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