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Novel coronavirus death toll reaches 2.3%

21.02.2020   22:00

According to the daily report of China’s National Health Commission, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infected people reached 75 thousand and 567 by February 21, 5206 are suspected to be infected with the virus. The number of people who have overcome the disease is 18 thousand and 654 (24.2%). 2239 people have died (3%). At the moment 11 thousand and 633 people are in bad health condition, ARMENPRESS was informed from the press service of the Health Ministry of Armenia.

According to the data of the WHO, 75 thousand and 748 confirmed cases of coronavirus was recorded globally by February 20. 1073 cases are recorded out of China.

According to experts, 80.9% cases of the disease is mild. Old people and people with other diseases are at higher risk.

By now, the death toll has reached 2.3%.

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